About Us

We are a family-run business operating on High Street since March 2003. With over 40 years experience in the restaurant trade, we are Lincoln’s only authentic Greek restaurant, owned and run by Greeks, and offering the highest quality Greek and Cypriot food prepared in our inimitable home-cooked style.

We don’t believe in tinned or preserved food, all our dishes are freshly prepared using the finest ingredients and cooked to perfection using the recipes and methods of the regions they originate from. We don’t sell any food that we wouldn’t be completely happy to serve at home and would never expect our customers to eat anything that was less than genuine home-style food.

We serve all the popular dishes, including mousakka, kleftiko and stiffado, as well as a number of less well-known but equally delicious specialties. We always recommend our famous Mezze, a special selection of the finest dishes from our menu. We guarantee you won't be disappointed or go away hungry!

We aim to provide you with a friendly, easy-going atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy all the delicious aromas and flavours of our cuisine, and as the perfect accompaniment to your meal we provide a variety of Greek and Cypriot wines, each with a distinctive Mediterranean flavour. We also offer a selection of beers and spirits and you may even like to try some real Greek ouzo or round off your evening with a Metaxa brandy. Cheers!